所有向北行驶的速度限制已经取消. 大约两英里的南行速度限制已经取消.



速度限制 are in place for E, H, and R line trains traveling along the 东南走廊. The 10 mile-per-hour speed restrictions were implemented on June 4 and will be in place until necessary preventative maintenance work is completed. As repairs are made to isolated sections of track, speed restrictions will continue to be lifted.


A speed restriction is a section of track where trains run at slower-than-normal speeds due to any number of ride quality, track, 或者维护问题. 速度限制, 也被称为慢区, are put in place to ensure customers and employees are safe until any necessary repairs or preventive maintenance work is completed. 赛道条件使速度限制成为必要,这有几个原因, 包括铁路基础设施的年代和天气.


2024年5月,RTD员工开始使用 改进的检查方法 在东南走廊的轻轨轨道上. 彻底和全面的检查包括对轨道的检查, 关系, 压舱物, 剪辑, 以及其他相关的基础设施.

The intent of RTD’s inspections is to identify preventive maintenance that may need to be addressed in the near-term or future. A number of minor issues and cosmetic defects were discovered during RTD’s recent track inspection, and speed restrictions have been temporarily put into place until maintenance issues are resolved.


RTD感谢大家在轻轨服务受到暂时影响期间的耐心等待. Customers are encouraged to plan ahead and allow for extra time to reach their destinations. 协助受速度限制影响的客户, RTD提供了许多资源和支持选项.

  • 服务警报 ——文本, 电子邮件, 以及提供延误实时信息的在线通知, 弯路, 中断, 取消, 以及恢复服务
  • 影响团队 – RTD is dispatching employee ambassadors to various rail stations and bus stops to assist customers with trip planning and to provide disruption information
  • 客户关怀 -客户可致电客户服务中心,电话 303.299.6000 为了帮助规划行程,建立联系,或在混乱中导航
  • Next Ride App客户可以使用RTD的Next Ride应用程序来计划行程并了解中断情况
  • 社交媒体 –RTD’s digital team is available via social media to provide customized help and assistance


No. RTD will not provide bus shuttles between stations in the 东南走廊’s slowdown zones while trains continue operating along the alignment. The agency also does not have the required people power resources to expand its bus operations at a magnitude necessary to support bus shuttles. However, as overnight maintenance work impacts light rail service, shuttles will be provided.


维护和维修工作时间表将更新 在线 and shared with customers and the public through media advisories, 服务警报, and social media. Customers impacted by the speed restrictions are encouraged to check this webpage or sign up for 服务警报.



RTD has a multiple bus routes operating along the 东南走廊 to support customers. 具体地说, the routes below provide regular service and connections to some of the impacted stations served by the E, H, 和R线.

21号公路-埃文斯大道 连接科罗拉多站(E线和H线)和埃文斯站(D线)
40号公路-科罗拉多大道 连接Southmoor站(E线和H线), 科罗拉多站(E线和H线), 40号科罗拉多站(A线)
66号公路-阿拉帕霍路 连接阿拉帕霍村中心站(E线及R线) to Littleton•Downtown Station (D Line)
83D / 83L号干线-樱桃溪/派克道 连接城市中心站(丹佛市中心)和九英里站(H和R线)
153号干线-钱伯斯道连接阿拉帕霍村中心站(E线及R线), 奥罗拉地铁中心(R线), 和皮奥里亚站(A线和R线)
402L号公路-高地牧场公园路 连接县线站(E线和R线)到Littleton矿产站(D线)
路线AT -阿拉帕霍县/丹佛机场连接阿拉帕霍村中心站(E线及R线) and Nine Mile Station (H 和R线) to Denver International Airport
P路线-帕克/丹佛 连接市民中心站(丹佛市中心)和帕克


RTD客户可以选择使用CDOT Bustang服务 在暂时中断期间. RTD用户可以在天岭站之间乘坐Bustang南线, 科罗拉多站, 丹佛联合车站在9月14日之前使用直达票价.

Customers simply need to show a valid RTD fare to the operator while boarding Bustang at any of the three stations.


在Lone Tree和Meridian旅行的个人可以使用 按需链接 前往该地区轻轨车站的班车服务.


  • 科罗拉多到南荒原 -维修工作正在进行


  • 从贝尔维尤到果园 -所有速度限制取消
  • 果园到阿拉帕霍村中心 取消所有北行速度限制
  • 阿拉帕霍村中心到县界 -维修工作正在进行


维修工作目前正在进行中. The resumption of normal train speeds is dependent on how quickly repairs are made to the isolated sections of track. 随着维修的进行,速度限制将继续取消. 维护工作和情况更新的时间表可在线获得.



In 2023, RTD发起了回归基本的战略倡议, 优先强调保持机构的所有资产处于良好的维修状态. Like other mass transit agencies, RTD’s assets are at varying ages within their useful life.

All of RTD’s fixed assets are regularly monitored and inspected to ensure they support operationally safe, 可访问的, 可靠的服务. 检查也是有效铁路管理的一个重要组成部分, 为安全做出贡献, 可靠的, 以及RTD铁路系统的高效运行.


Regular inspections guarantee that the public’s previous investments in RTD’s system remain intact. Maintaining assets in a state of good repair also ensures that the light rail system is 可靠的 and operationally safe.


RTD对整个轻轨系统进行定期检查. The intent of inspections is to identify preventative maintenance that may need to be addressed in the near-term or future. This proactive approach allows the agency to ensure all rail assets are in a state of good repair.



RTD始终坚持最高水平的安全标准, 即使它会对计划服务和准时性能造成影响. Agency decisions are based in applying the highest level of standards to prioritize safe operations. 东南轻轨线路仍然安全,RTD可以继续运行列车. If, 在任何时候, the track is not safe for operations, 轻轨服务将立即停止. 出于谨慎,RTD主动发布了速度限制.

RTD’s track inspections are similar to road inspections conducted to find and fix potholes. 一条需要重新铺设的道路仍然可以安全行驶, 但司机可能需要在坑洼附近减速,以提高警惕.


速度限制 are temporarily applied to a section of track until necessary maintenance work is performed. 东南轻轨走廊仍然是安全的,RTD可以继续运行列车. If, 在任何时候, 这条轨道被认为不安全, 轻轨服务将立即停止.

RTD出于谨慎,主动发布了目前的速度限制. Agency decisions are based in applying the highest level of standards to prioritize safe operations.


是的. 速度限制 are regularly implemented by transit agencies to ensure rail operations remain safe. There are many recent examples of other mass transit agencies implementing speed restrictions. 例如, 马萨诸塞湾运输局(MBTA) currently has a number of speed restrictions in place across its system to support ongoing track renewal work.


The Southeast Light Rail Corridor is approximately 20 miles of track that runs along I-25 from Broadway in Denver to RidgeGate Parkway Station in Lone Tree. Construction on the light rail corridor began in 2001 and was completed in September 2006. 轻轨服务于2006年11月开通,并开通了2条.3英里长的里奇盖特站扩建工程于2019年5月完工. 东南走廊包括15个轻轨站和12个泊车服务, 它是由E提供的, H, 和R线.




RTD began a two-year maintenance project in April 2023 to repair the caps on retaining walls, 也称为顶板, 沿着I-25号州际公路,与轻轨线路相邻. 顶板工程的第二阶段也是最后阶段于5月26日开始, 2024, 计划于九月中旬完成. 该项目需要轻轨列车在工作人员周围单轨运行, which means all north- and south-bound trains use the same track in areas where crews are working.


RTD began a full-depth reconstruction of five intersections in the Downtown Loop in May 2024. 项目的第一阶段, 一直持续到九月中旬, 是否会重建铁路基础设施以提高安全性和流动性, 解决日益恶化的交通基础设施问题, 延长该机构主要运输资产的设计寿命. 在第一阶段于九月完成后, light rail service will resume in the Downtown Loop until the subsequent phases begin in 2025.